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Sustainability Roadmap

Our Sustainability Roadmap

ENERGY – Electricity– LED lighting fitted in all areas
– LED bulbs in remaining areas
– Light sensors fitted where appropriate
– Green energy supplier used
– Energy efficiency rating of all new appliances considered
– Reducing electricity usage– Solar panels fitted
– Voltage optimiser to store
– Diesel– Electric Car
– Electric charging points for staff and company vehicles installed
– Research cycle to work scheme– Electric vans
– Gas– Consider new ways of heating new developments– Replace forklifts to electric
WATER– Capillary matting started
– Use water butts for plants at front of building
– Careful management/efficiency of irrigation system
– Educate and assist customers in reducing their water consumption
– Permeable carpark
– Water saving devices in bathrooms
– Increase usage of capillary matting
– Catching excess water from irrigation
– Rainwater harvesting/UV treating
– Fully recycled
– Wood– Fully recycled or reusable
– Paper/
– Fully recycled
– Plastics– Fully recycled
– Refillable water bottle service in restaurant/re-usable travel mug incentive
– Food– Fully recycled
– Electrics– Fully recycled
– General waste– Hand sorted
– Zero waste to landfill
– Incinerated to produce power
– Minimise all waste
– Plants– Used in own grounds, given to staff– Composting on site
– Oil– Recycled – oil is sent to a refinery where it is repurposed for use in generators
– Cooking oil– Biodiesel
– Reduced peat-free range: 50% peat-free, 25% reduced peat– 100% peat-free by 2024
– Organic– Comprehensive range of organic substitute products – Continue increasing the range
– Fairtrade – Range of Fair-trade products– Continue increasing the range
– Local– Comprehensive range of local products, always prioritised over non-local– Continue increasing the range
– General– Source products which are recycled/recyclable – especially packaging
– Large vegan menu/products offered
– Takeaway packaging compostable/recyclable
– Measure and improve our carbon footprint with net zero targets
– Team– Sustainability Action Group set-up within team– Look at volunteering options
– Community – Keep strong links working with community projects
– Biodiversity– Upkeep and encourage use of our woodland nature walk
– Educate customers about wildlife friendly gardening
– Own bug hotels, wild flowers, etc. in own grounds
– All cleaning chemicals use biotechnology where no harmful chemicals are used
– We will phase out all products containing glyphosate by the end of 2023
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