Your August Garden – Top Tips & Advice

The month of BBQ’s, Sunshine and enjoying your lovely green garden.

August Gardening Jobs

  1. Prune Wisteria
  2. Don’t delay summer pruning fruits trained as restricted forms
  3. Deadhead flowering plants regularly
  4. Water Containers and new plants, preferably with grey recycled water or stored rainwater
  5. Collect seed from garden plants
  6. Harvest sweetcorn and other vegetables as they become ready
  7. Continue cutting out old fruited canes on raspberries
  8. Lift and pot up rooted strawberry runners
  9. Keep ponds and water features topped up
  10. Feed the soil with green manures

Plants & Flowers

Prune climbing roses after flowering has finished.

Prune summer flowering shrubs like Wisteria once the blooms have finished flowering.

Stake the stems of tall plants such as Dahlias and Lilies to prevent any damage caused by winds or heavy rain.

Tidy up any areas with spent perennial plants and fallen leaves.

Deadhead annual bedding plants and perennials to encourage them to flower in autumn.

Fruits & Vegetables

Protect ripe fruit and vegetables from birds and animals with netting.

Harvest maincrop potatoes and store in hessian sacks in a cool, dark and dry place.

Cut back herbs to encourage more growth before the first frost arrives.


For any holiday goers, remember to organise a family member or friend to water your houseplants and garden if necessary.

Water early in the morning or late in the evening to reduce water evaporation.

Keeping your garden well weeded can also ensure the water goes to the plants that need it.

Pests & Disease

Now that the weather is consistently warm and humid, risk of blight is high. Be sure to check your tomato and potato crops regularly and remove the plants at any signs of fungal infestation. If caught early, simply remove the infected foliage and leave the tubers in the ground.