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Robot Mower – Stiga Autoclip 230S

The STIGA Autoclip 230 S is a robot lawnmower which can mow lawns up to 2,000 m² with four separate

Robot Mower – Stiga Autoclip M5

The STIGA Autoclip M5 is a robot lawnmower for lawns up to 500m², which operates continuously in two separate areas

Robot Mower – Stiga Autoclip M7

The STIGA Autoclip M7 is a robot lawnmower for lawns up to 750m². It can operate in cycles of up

Robotic Mower – Stiga Autoclip 550SG

The STIGA Autoclip 550 SG is the ideal robot lawnmower for large lawns up to 5,000 m², capable of handling

SBT 2580 2.5AH Battery

With lightweight, high performance cells delivering long running times, they have no memory effect – so the power doesn’t fade

SBT 4080 AE 4AH Battery

Compatible with the Stiga 80v hand held product range. Weighing only 1.5kg and delivering 4 Ah this battery enables use

Stiga Combi 43 Q DAE (Bare)

STIGA Combi 43 Q DAE is a hand-propelled lawn mower, powered by a 48 V next-generation 500 Series System synchronized

Stiga Estate 5092 HW Ride On

A twin-blade lawn tractor with a new STIGA V-Twin engine, a productive 92cm-wide cutter-deck and a capacious 290-litre grass-collector. There’s

Stiga Park 220 Ride On Lawn Mower With 95cm Deck

The STIGA Park 220 front cut ride-on mower’s compact design and articulation make it possible to reach the tightest corners

Stiga SAB 500 AE Battery Axial Blower (Bare) – 500 Series

The STIGA SAB 500 AE is a cordless leaf-blower designed to make outdoor cleaning-tasks a whole lot quicker and easier!

Stiga SBC 226 J

The STIGA SBC 226 J brushcutter is powered by a 25.4 cc (0.7 kW) 2-stroke petrol engine and has a