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Geneva Fir Tree

£89.00£249.00 Inc. VAT
Geneva Fir Tree Specifications: 5ft (150cm) Height, 95cm Diameter, 1069 Branch Tips, 40cm Stand 6ft (180cm) Height, 116cm Diameter, 1799

Grandis Fir Tree – 7ft / 210cm

£149.00 Inc. VAT
Grandis Slim Fir Tree Specification: 7ft (210cm) Height, 100cm Diameter, 1768 Branch Tips, 51cm Stand

Nordmann Fir Premium Cut Tree

£35.00£99.00 Inc. VAT
An outstanding favourite accounting for 70% of all tree sales Superb needle-holding ability Impressive glossy, rich green foliage Large soft

Norway Spruce Premium Cut Tree

£25.00£45.00 Inc. VAT
The traditional British Christmas tree accounting for 20% of all tree sales! Strong and sturdy tree with an excellent shape Broad