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Squash Primavera F1 Hybrid

£3.99 Inc. VAT
Scoop the shredded centres out of these generous spaghetti squashes and use as a wholesome substitute for pasta! Squash ‘Primavera’

Squash Sunshine F1 Hybrid (Winter)

£3.99 Inc. VAT
All America Selection Winner. Trailing. Squash Sunshine is an aptly named ‘Kabocha’ type Squash with unique and attractive bright reddishorange

Strawberry Florian F1 Hybrid

£4.49 Inc. VAT
The attractive blossom pink flowers of Strawberry ‘Florian’ are followed by a heavy crop of good sized, juicy, red fruits

Swede Magres

£3.49 Inc. VAT
Excellent coloured and shaped, purple topped roots with fine grained, good flavoured, yellow flesh, free from bitterness. Swede Magres is

Swede Tweed

£3.49 Inc. VAT
British bred for hybrid vigour and uniformity, Swede ‘Tweed’ grows particularly well in less fertile soil making it the perfect

Sweetcorn Early Xtra Sweet F1 Hybrid

£3.49 Inc. VAT
At harvest time Sweetcorn Early Xtra Sweet is twice as sweet as other varieties. Instead of the sweetness and flavour

Sweetcorn Snobaby

£3.49 Inc. VAT
A breeding breakthrough in ‘baby corn’ has produced this superb white variety, being much earlier to crop with the most