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Artichoke Green Globe

Globe Artichoke ‘Green Globe Improved’ bears larger, heavier, and more consistent quality globe-shaped heads. The characteristic sharp spines have been

Artichoke Italian Purple

An attractive Cardoon with purple flower buds which provide good ornamental value as well as a tasty crop of fresh

Asparagus Mary Washington

A very strong growing and productive variety. Asparagus ‘Mary Washington’ produces long, thick spears in May and early June that

Asparagus Pea

An easy to grow, unusual vegetable with a unique gourmet flavour. A hint of asparagus – perhaps? Asparagus Pea goes

Aubergine Bonica

  1 Pack: 13 seeds   Awarded an RHS Award of Garden Merit Flavoursome, long, oval fruits Beautiful, glossy purple

Aubergine Hansel F1 Hybrid

1 Packet (5 seeds)Thornless stems makes for esasy picking! Grow in a pot to restrict height and width to 60cm