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Broccoli Calebrini Sweet Returns

£2.99 Inc. VAT
If you like Broccoli ‘Stemmia’ then you’ll love our new introduction, Broccoli CLX35985 F1 (Calabrini)! From the latest breeding in

Broccoli Green Magic F1 Hybrid

£4.49 Inc. VAT
With smooth and tight heads, ‘Green Magic’ is an outstanding Calabrese that not only produces a good head, but also

Broccoli Romanesco

£2.99 Inc. VAT
With its whirling, almost alien-looking spirals, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this vivid green brassica is some kind of

Brussels – Sprout Flower Sprout Petit Posi

£2.95 Inc. VAT
A recent introduction to the vegetable garden , the result of crossing a brussels sprout and curly Kale resulting in

Brussels Sprout Bright F1 Hybrid

£2.99 Inc. VAT
This 2-in-1, autumn-maturing variety produces a well spaced crop of sprouts with the added bonus of the sweet, cabbage-like top

Brussels Sprout Brilliant F1 Hybrid

£2.99 Inc. VAT
You won’t be pushing your sprouts around the plate once you’ve tasted this one. Brussels Sprout ‘Brilliant’ produces firm, flavoursome