Fresh Cut Trees


All conifers shed as part of their lifecycle and they will accelerate that shedding if they dry out. Not all trees have the same tolerance towards drought. Just follow our tips below to get the best from your tree and maintain its fresh appearance.


  • It is vital to re-cut the sawn end of the tree removing another two inches. This will expose fresh plant cells in order to take up adequate water during its time indoors
  • Stand the tree in a bucket of water, in a cool shaded spot before the tree is required to be brought indoors. This will re-hydrate the tree to help prevent it from shedding all its needles
  • Use a tree stand that holds water which can easily top up, (your tree can drink more than a pint of water a day)
  • Do not place your tree near a heat source
  • Treat a Christmas tree as you would treat fresh flowers in the home
  • Don’t worry if your tree appears flat on one side as this is unavoidably happens during transit. Once inside a warm room the branches will soon regain their natural shape
  • If your tree was netted, it is a good idea to remove it as soon as you possibly can so the branches can spread out naturally.

Nordmann Fir

Well established over the years, the Nordmann Fir is generally regarded as being the best performing tree you can buy. Many people throughout the UK and the rest of Europe choose a Nordmann for their Christmas tree.

They offer better needle retention compared with other species such as the Norway Spruce. This is largely due to them having soft thick needles which help to minimise water loss and shedding all over your carpet! Another characteristic are its leaves; attractive blue grey needles which are silver when viewed from underneath.

Although a bit more expensive than the spruces, we believe they offer excellent value for money. Their shape makes them exceptionally high quality.

Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce is the traditional Christmas tree with its pointed mid-green needles standing on tiny pegs and a lovely scent. It occurs naturally throughout the UK and the rest of Northern Europe.

It is because of its ability to grow well on a number of sites that it has become a popular tree. If not cared and properly situated, the Spruce is prone to needle-drop

Pot Grown

Over the last few seasons pot grown Christmas Trees have increased in popularity and we now stock pot grown Nordmann Firs alongside the Norway Spruce.

As the name suggests, they are Christmas Trees supplied in pots, complete with roots. Once the festive season is over it can be potted on or transplanted into the garden.

Pot Grown Trees

  • After purchasing your post grown tree, remove it from the protective sleeve and keep it watered like you would any other plant kept in a pot.
  • Before bringing our potted tree indoors, immerse it in water for at least 10 minutes to fully saturate the compost. Allow it to drain for a few hours and then bring inside.
  • Follow the guideline for fresh cut trees regarding positioning – i.e. keep away from sources of heat.
  • Water regularly as you would your other houseplants; don’t allow the compost to become too dry. Keeping the compost moist will also help to provide stability.
  • You can repot or transplant the tree into the garden in early spring, just as the growing season starts. Just remember to keep watering it.

About Our Trees

All our trees are grown in commercially managed plantations specifically to be sold during the festive season. This means that more trees replace those cut down and sold. Depending on the size of your tree, it may be up to 7 years old!