The Handy Saw Horse With Chainsaw Support

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The Handy THSHWCS Saw Horse With Chainsaw Support not only holds the log it holds your chainsaw at the same time, reducing the amount of effort required to cut your logs, therefore reducing fatigue meaning you are able to work for longer. Any problems of saw kickback are greatly reduced as the chainsaw is clamped to the saw horse, with the top of the guide bar being covered by its guard this makes it incredibly safe to use. This saw horse also has an adjustable measuring bar which allows you to cut the same depth of log every time, making them ideal for stacking in the log store or by the fireplace. The saw horse has been manufactured from galvanised steel ensuring a long life and it folds away for easy storage. This saw horse is suited to most small to mid range chainsaws.

Power Manual

Cutting Capacity 25cm

Dimensions 710mm wide x 870mm high x 1085mm long

Weight 9.5kg

Weight Capacity 100kg