The Handy Electric Silent Shredder With Box

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The Handy Silent Shredder With Box is designed to make shredding your garden waste as simple and effortless as possible, the simple controls are there for comfortable operator whilst more importantly, make using your Handy Silent Shredder as safe as we can possibly make it. Due to the design of the cutting system the THSSWB is a high performance and noiseless electrical shredder with roller cutting unit which works without the noise of a conventional impact cutter shredder. It has a comfortable self-feeder without recoil and will shred your prunings from trees, hedges and bushes into compostable material, the large funnel opening enables simple and comfortable filling. The shredder is supplied with a 45 litre collection box, this is ideal for collecting your shredded garden waste before the need for emptying, you also have added safety, a safety switch will automatically cut power to the motor if the box is removed or not fitted correctly.

Collection Capacity 45 Litre

Power Electric

Accessories Included: Yes

Cable Length 3 Metre

Cutting Capacity 40mm

Transport Wheels Included

Weight 26.1kg