Stiga SBC 80 AE Brushcutter Loop Handle

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The SBC 80 AE is a latest-generation brushcutter which is powered by an electric motor which boasts all the advantages of STIGA 80 V technology: the robustness, strength and performance of a spark ignition motor-powered machine combined with the lightness, comfort and quietness of a battery-powered device. The absence of an electric cable makes it extremely manoeuvrable and allows you to reach all corners of your garden. This balanced and lightweight brushcutter has a single loop handle and a Tap&Go dual line head which quickly releases the line by simply tapping it on the ground. The product can also be used with the four-tooth metal blade supplied, ideal for the most demanding tasks. The jointed shaft allows you to transport and store the brushcutter more easily, while the practical side compartment makes it easy to insert and remove the battery.

The SBC 80 AE is compatible with 2.5 Ah batteries (sold separately) but can also be connected using a harness for 4 or 5 Ah batteries to extend the machine's operating time and reduce the strain of carrying the device (sold separately).

Cutting width 35 - 40 cm
Cutting angle Fixed
Nylon head type Tap & Go dual line
Nylon diameter (millimeter) 2.0000
Nylon length 3 m
Blade type 4 T
Blade diameter 255 mm

Packaged weight 7.7 kg

Power source Lithium-ion battery
Motor type Brushless
Motor power 330 W
Maximum motor speed 5500 rpm
Voltage 80 V
Suggested battery capacity 2.5 Ah
Working time (+/- 20%) 30 min

Handle type Loop
Shaft type Straight split
Shaft tube diameter 25.4 mm
Inner shaft diameter 7 mm
Harness Single