Stiga SAB 80 AE Blower

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The STIGA SAB 80 AE is a battery-powered leaf blower with 80 V technology which ensures optimum performance, reaching a maximum air flow rate of 14.1 m/min. Battery power ensures quiet operation, zero emissions and reduced maintenance and vibrations. The design of the STIGA SAB 80 AE's axle enables it to operate with the speed of a jet turbine, thanks to the air passing directly through the motor fan. The 2.5 Ah battery is sold separately. This product can also be used with a harness for connecting 4 or 5 Ah batteries.

Average air volume 14.1 m/min
Maximum air speed 56 m/s

Packaged weight 3.9 kg

Power source Lithium-ion battery
Motor type Brushless
Motor power 590 W
Maximum motor speed 22500 rpm
Voltage 80 V
Battery type Lithium-ions
Suggested battery capacity 2.5 Ah
Working time (+/- 20%) 15 min

Soft grip handle Yes